To the boss, I loved...

Cibe Chakravarthy Selvaraj


Shit tweet is sh*t tweet,
then is * shit?

Shits tweets, shit in tweets
what is your tw*et today?
Shtting tw*et or tweeting sh*ts?

Please don’t sh*t in tweets.
Use shit, the word, the whole of it
else the flavor of it, a shi*ty flavor.
Won’t smell though or those tweets
only twe*t is lingo,
no takeaways - home or temple.
for temples are h*ly -
- no not sh*t, I don’t mean that sh*t!!

Clear enough, it is a strikingly
hard hittingly
path breaking
truth tellingly
journey going
great carnival of International World Tour Journalism
where the following are saved:
Fun fact: you know not what it is, yet you should save it.
and ‘some vagarious street dogs.’

We understand you. We know what you a*e.
We’re with you,
in this tr*th ‘n’ sh*t.

But actually, we’re confused
what is Sh*t?
what is Sh*tty enough?
what say you?

You Sh*t truth or tr*th is shit?
And what is truth anyway?
And now your tweet says eat sh*t

And Please don’t. No Shame on You, my dear boss!
Sh*me on Us!
Sh*me on Us!
To the boss - journalist, who the poet was very fond of,
who later turned out to be not what she was thought to be or said to be, speaking the truth to power,
and ended up not truthful to herself.

Anyways, all good for us
since truth is dead long back, it's in the compost bin now.

RIP Truth!!


This poem is to condemn a Journalist’ tweet & reply to a meme, which goes,

“At least they don’t eat sh*t like you! “

Shit is spelled Sh*t on social media (No they don't write Shit). An asterisk could deflect the scent of shit. At least that’s what they think!


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